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Loading Authorware Web Player ...

<img src="../alternate.gif" width="200" height="200">

If the web player doesn't load...

Sometimes a browser security dialog box becomes hidden behind this page, making it look like the software didn't load. If you feel this has happened to you, click on the psu_intro.aam button at the bottom of your screen to continue.

If Authorware Web Player is installed in your web browser:

The Visualization Assessment and Training module will open a window on top of your browser, and the module will download. Please be patient since it may take a few minutes.

If you do not have Authorware Web Player installed in your web browser:

You will see a puzzle piece and a dialog box that can help you get the Player. However, we recommend that you close the dialog box and select the Technical Needs button at the left where you can follow our directions for installing the Authorware Web Player plug-in.

If you accidentally click back to this screen after you are running the Authorware program:

You should hide or minimize your web browser to find and continue the Authorware program.

Statement of Nondiscrimination

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